Social Media Management

The process of managing content and interactions across social media channels.

Exfluence Social Media Management

At Exfluence Marketing, we manage, optimize, and grow every aspect of your social media presence so you can focus on running and growing your business. It’s a great way to increase social engagement with your brand. We will create and post content on your social media platforms. The goal of our posts will be to engage your followers on a consistent basis and create more visibility and loyalty to your brand. In a nutshell, rather than you taking the time to manage your brand’s social media or hiring a full-time employee to do this, we do it for you. You don’t want to work in your business, you want to grow your business.

Spend Your Valuable Time Running Your Business

Let Us Take Care of Growing Your Social Presence

Things we manage
  • Planning & Posting: Includes researching, strategy planning, content creating, social media management, writing/designing and scheduling ongoing social media content/posts for your desired social network platforms
  • Distribution: We’ll publish your posts on the applicable social network platforms (Popular Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc…)
  • Boosting: We can run ads for boosting posts and content to increase your reach.
  • Engagement: We’ll spend time on engagement to increase your followers, post engagement, reach, etc., across your social network platforms.
  • Monitoring: We’ll monitor your social platforms to ensure everything is running smoothly, respond to comments, remove derogatory comments and more.
  • Tracking: Track all analytics to show clients how they’re doing on their social media platforms. 
  • Dedicated Team: Work directly with a dedicated Social Media Manager. They will post share-worthy content, engage with your community and do whatever they can to build your brand’s social media following and engagement.
  • Est. The speed of Follower Growth: The amount you post, the time you spend engaging, the budget you invest in boosting your content/posts and more all play a part in how fast you grow your following/presence on social media. therefore, the more you post, engage and boost, the faster you grow! Thus, the higher the plan, the faster the growth.

Content Calendar

Our team creates the monthly strategy for your business. We schedule and can create a weekly content calendar.

Monthly Reports

We create your monthly reports. So you can track and know what kind of results we are bringing in to your business to see if it has a positive return on investment.


Facebook not only helps build top-of-mind awareness, trust, and engagement among your target audience, it also helps to establish and enhance your business’ organic listing placement. We help you set up your Business on Facebook. We run Facebook ads, too boost your brand awareness and grow your social following. Help promote your business through the power of Facebook advertising. We create look-alike audience to bring more traffic into your business and make ads more effective, so you don’t waste your valuable money on advertising that doesn’t work. A Facebook Page for your business makes you more discoverable and creates a hub for connecting with your audience. Facebook Ads and consistently posting timely content are great ways to get more exposure for your company.


Is what your business has to offer visually appealing? If so, Instagram can help you grow! As an image-based social platform that is designed to be utilized in real-time, Instagram is perfect for creating a significant branding campaign around what your company has to offer. From creative sportswear to one-of-a-kind art and baked goods, Instagram user want to see it! We help create the content and post on your behalf on Instagram. We also create engaging Instagram stories and Instagram ads to help boost your social ROI, as well as growing your brand awareness. Help you generate more leads simply by posting on Instagram. You can use Instagram to express your business visually. The platform offers several tools to help you engage with customers in a new way. This network is growing extremely fast, so you can tell your story to a captive audience.

Need Social Media Ad Management?

We can help with managing your social media campaigns as well. We do all the work for you, from setup to monthly Ad management. Contact us for Details

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